Cửa Sổ Các Loại và Ô Cố Định

The system is designed in accordance with European and Japanese styles with various types, bringing about luxury for houses, and offices. Features: – Window sashes are able to open at various angles ranging from 0º to 90º and are able to resist self-closing thanks to friction hinges. – Multi-point lock system: safe and sturdy – […]

Mái Đón Và Mái Lấy Sáng

Skylight is a type of roof window, sloped glazing used to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight. The skylight can be designed into fixed or operable type. It comprises structural aluminium profile system, safety glass or popycarbonate/ plastic panels, transparent or translucent glazing. Features: – widely used in designing daylighting for residential, public, and commercial buildings. […]

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